Who is Mike Rocket?

There are thousands of stories that happen at Firefly, not all of them inside the festival. The following is an inspirational story submitted by one of our fans about a remarkable individual that you may have walked right by and not even realized it; a fan that embodies the very spirit we all want to possess when we come to …KEEP READING

Snacks Worthy of the Green Room

I don’t know many people who eat 3 meals without snacking in between. I love snacks. I need snacks. While planning your menu for camping, it’s easy to forget to make a snack game plan, after all you don’t have your pantry or snack drawer accessible.  If Beyonce can ask for only green colored crudite in her green room backstage, …KEEP READING



The non-profit @headcountorg will be registering voters at Firefly this year! Look for them in The Market, or visit to register to vote online.
The #Firefly2016 Camping Schedule is here! Check it out now: